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Posted by Sue & Gary Urbahn on
Hamish & Isabella,

Thanks a million for your hospitality. We have really enjoyed our stay, loved the bush walks & meals were just great. You have been so caring & helpful. We will certainly advertise you loudly in NZ. You have a magic place here!

Sue & Gary Urbahn, New Zealand
Posted by hamish on

Thank you so much for two days of complete relaxation. We enjoyed excellent food and beverages. We hope that you will get a steady stream of guests coming to your place, but only up to the number you will judge suitable.

Renate & Walter - Switzerland
Posted by hamish on

We've had five wonderful days here. Loved the forest, the birds and animals, the walks, the river. Thanks for all your great advice, good food and warm and genuine hospitality. We look forward to coming back to enjoy more of your world.

Gavin, Sarah & Phoebe - Auckland, New Zealand
Posted by hamish on
What in the world could be nicer than long walks in the Mungumby raindforest, taking pictures of butterflies?
And the food? We could taste the love in your creations Hamish. Loved the fresh herbs from your garden. And the mango parfait from local mangos, perfect taste and texture. Yum!


Chris & Judy Raymond - Canberra, AUS
Posted by hamish on
Dear Hamish, Isabella & Maggie,

Thank you for making our 3 night stay the highlight of our visit to Queensland. The quality of the accommodation, cuisine and the tours, all with the family touch, make for an unparalleled experience for the whole family. Thank you! we will be back.

Dear Janice & Elliot

Thanks for being such good hosts! We will certainly stay in touch. Perhaps we'll get you to the US!

Warmest regards

Sam, Mitchell, Alexa, Juliet & Edgar Burman
Dover, Massachusetts, USA

PS Maddie will be missed!
Posted by Heather & Alice on
Hi Hamish & Isabella,
Saw your smiling faces on the TV in Melbourne last night, brought back great memories of our fantastic time at Mungumby, our whole family says hi.
Posted by Jean & Phil Gleave on
Thank you for your hospitality - what a beautiful place. The rain made it even more magical, the sounds were so amazing. We would love to come back one day and spend more time with you. The rain in Manchester doesn't feel like the rain here!
All the best.

Jane & Phil Gleave
Warrington, England
Posted by Steph & Tim Giles on
Thank you for having us for a second time, its a magical place and we leave feeling much more relaxed than when we arrived – Bargain!! Do you take year long bookings?

Happy 2014-01-17

Steph & Tim Giles
Posted by Rob & Pete on
We are so impressed with the environmental attitude you have up here at Mungumby. Keep up the great work we wish you all the very best in your ventures.

Scottish Pete & Aussie Rob.
Posted by The Carpenters on
Absolutely amazing place! We loved swimming in the pool with Elliot. Maddie is super sweet and we are going to miss everyone! Thanks so much.

The Carpenters
Ellie, Chris, Marcy & Jeff
Posted by Elinor & Paul Thorpe on
What a wonderful place. Everything is so fresh, gardens beautiful, ideal for relaxing! Thank you team for being such great hosts.

Elinor & Paul Thorpe
NSW Australia

P.S The meals are unreal, will tell all our friends!
Posted by Elinor & Paul Thrope on
Just wanted to add, what a beautiful place, dedicated to the preservation of the spirit of wild places. Thanks Team for your care and dedication and expertise. Hope we can come back!! one day!

Paul Thorpe
Moama NSW
Posted by Myra & Stewart Charman on
Thank you for a truly wonderful week and for feeding us so well.

It has also been a pleasure to know that there is still someone who cares so much for the rainforest and the wildlife. I am sure Stewart will relive the climb up to the waterfalls with a week’s rain thundering down, many times.

I hope one day we will be able to return to Mungumby Lodge. Meanwhile our thoughts will often be with you.

Myra & Stewart
West Sussex, England
Posted by Pearson Family on
Thank You Mungumby Team,

A wonderful weekend, good food, great walk and such a wonderful friends.

Roy, Heather & Shaye Pearson
Cape Town, South Africa
Posted by Julie Hobbs - (TUSA Dive) on
Such a special place with some very special people on Easter Saturday.

Thanks Hamish
Julie Hobbs ( TUSA Dive)
Posted by hamish on
Auf der Suche nach neuen Wolks sind wir zufaellig auf die Mungumby Lodge gestossen. Es ist ein wunderbaren Ort zum wander und relaxen.

Die Geschichter von Hamish sind sehr interessant und informative. Er ist ein sehr lustiger Kerl. Sollten wir noch einmal die Gelegenhat bekommen nach Australien zu reisen warden wir wieder an diesen schoenen Ort Kommen.

Wolfgang u. Erwin von Austria
Posted by hamish on
“Switch off technology, switch on the holiday”

Hamish this quote is so true to the atmosphere. Turning off devices you can tune into the sounds of nature. A great place to come and relax from the hustle & bustle of city life (Sydney). Would recommend to friends and family.

Sijman & Alex Moleman
Sydney, NSW
Posted by McDonald Family on

Sarah, Alex & Liam McDonald
Kewarra Beach, Cairns, QLD
Posted by Morris Family on
Dear all at Mungumby Lodge,

Thank you so much for having us to stay in your amazing corner of heaven. Despite the rain, I don't think I have ever seen the rest of my family (especially my parents)so relaxed. The other three of us (Children 19,18,16) have all had exams at home, so its been perfect to just chill out for awhile. Everyone has been so welcoming and knowledgeable, the food has been brilliant and the location couldn't be more wonderful, especially for wandering around and exploring. We leave in the discussion of whether or not to get a pet gecko (already named Giles) and in the hope of once again returning.
Will 19.yo

William and I have argued about who would write here so we decided we both would. Thank you so much to Isabella, Hamish, Bonnie & David etc. Isabella and Hamish have told us so many interesting facts about the rainforest and what to do around here and Davids meals have been amazing. The whole team have all been so lovely and welcoming and after visiting the busy Sydney its been a perfect place to relax. I hope I visit here again in the future and see the lovely Maddie again!
Zoe, 18 y.o

Thanks for everything, a great 4 nights!
The Morris Family, Hampshire, England.
Posted by Peter & Ruth on
Two days of absolute seclusion & stillness, a welcome change in a world full of gadgets. A surprise find on our journey/adventure that will remain on top of the list of places to return to. Hands on quality management!

Beautiful gardens abundant with wildlife, butterflies, geckos, lizards and bush turkeys. The walk to the waterfall not to be missed but mind your footing as Hamish said, "the rocks can be slippery"

The attention to detail started with the greeting from Hamish and impressed us in every direction we looked.

The delicious food & its presentation are a credit to Hamish & David and their passion. "MUNGUMBY LODGE" sets the gold standard for retreat resorts.

Peter Davis & Ruth
Perth, WA.
Posted by Nick Marshall on

Dear Hamish,

I can't thank you enough for being such a great host and looking after us so well. It was quite an emotional thing for me. It brought back so many memories of the slightly crazy venture we set out upon. All I can say is that you and Isabella deserve the utmost congratulations and thanks for keeping Mungumby in such fine fettle and for all you have done to improve it. It really means a lot to me that Mungumby is going better than ever and listening to what others have to say about it. Also, two lovely dinners - you are a great cook.

Nick Marshall
Former Owner & Founder of Mungumby Lodge
Posted by Thomi Borowski on
Hi Isabella and Hamish, you might want to have a look at the following page:;art119504,4106123

Best regards from Zurich,
Thomas (& Nina)
Posted by Nikki on

Thanks Team,

Great Food, what a place to unwind, very friendly as well as pet friendly, lovely to meet Nick the founder of Mungumby! What you have done to Mungumby is totally amazing, you all should be so proud of all your hard work.

All the best - Nikki
PS: We will be back
Posted by Nicky & David Roe on

We have had the most wonderful time here at Mungumby. It has taken me thirty years to get here, but was worth the wait! Hamish you are a brilliant host, QLD could not have looked after us better - I am sad to leave. David & I would love to return one day.

God Bless

Nicky & David Roe
North Wales. UK
Posted by Evan & Kirsten on
2nd January 2015

We could not have asked for a better way to spend the start of the new Year. Thank you for letting us experience the beauty that the tropical north has to offer.

We will absolutely be back!

Evan & Kristen | Melbourne
Posted by Paul, Margie Scott on

Great way to start the New Year absolutely lovely our stay. We will be back for sure. Wonderful experience & Thank You Hamish & Isabella for all your help.

Paul & Margie Scott
Posted by Kokkonen Family on
3rd Jan 2015

Mungumby .....
Service - Superb
Nature Experience - Awesome
Creek/Water activities - second to none
...............see you again

Kokkonen Family
Posted by Elena und Oliver on
3rd April 2015

Vielen Dank fur tollen Aufenthalt. Wir haben diese zeit heir genoffen

Elena und Oliver
Posted by Baerbel Allendorf on
9th April 2015

Liebe Isabella, Der Hamish,

der Aufenthalt heir war absolutely fabulous!

We enjoyed everything very much (except the small mozzies!) und danken Euch fur den fantastischen Service. You will get lots of publicity from us. un Wir hoffen, dass wir wiederkommen koennen. and then with more time, beacuse we have got a contagious disease which is called: TRAVEL AUSTRALIA. Es sind Luete wie Ihr, die dise kranheit zu einem grossen Teil verursachen. By the way it is unlike others - one that you love.

Baerbel (aus Dortmund Germany)
Posted by Petra & Wolfgang on
28th April-3rd. May 2015

Die ganze Welt ist voll von Sachen und es ist wirlich noetig, dass jemand sie findet.
... und wir haben sie gefunden:
... wir fanden viele, nette Menschen.
... wir fanden Voegel, die uns zu jeder Tages- und
Nachtzeit ihre Lieder vortrugen.
... wir fanden Berge und Buchten, das Meer, die Korallen
und seine schillernden Bewohner.
... wir fanden Wasserfaelle und rauschende Baeche.
... wir fanden die verborgenen Schaetze der Quinkau-
... und...wir fanden die Mungumby Lodge, diesen Flecken
vom Paradies, mit seinem begnadeten Koch und
Gastgeber in einer Person
(hihi, dachte nicht, dass es so viel wird!)

Lieber Hamish,
wir Beide haben etwas gefunden, was wir nie mehr verlieren werden
- "die Erinnerung" -
an diese herrlichen Tage in der Mungumby Lodge.

Petra & Wolfgang (aus Deutschland)
Posted by Kristin & Christoph on
22.-24. June 2015

Um eine weitere, tropfnasse Nacht auf dem Campingplatz vorzubeugen, haben wir hier Unterschlupf gesucht.
Dank Hamishs herzlichen Willkommenheissen haben wir uns schnell heimisch gefuehlt. Besnders genossen haben wir die ausgezeichneten Nachtessen und den Spezialservice beim Essen fuer die Kinder.
Vielen Dank fuer alles!
Kristin, Christoph, Adrian & Isabel aus Basel, Schweiz
Posted by Leah + Liz on
A beautiful relaxing place
a lovely place to return to.

Leah + Liz, Cairns
Posted by Carol + Chia on
What a fun place to visit!
A great night before our arrival in Cooktown for our adventure searching for the Minke Whales.
Carol + Chia
By Island, Hawaii
Posted by Dorothy Baggott on
19th June 2015

Mungumby team,

What a wonderful break from the Adelaide winter. Steve & I enjoyed our stay and you all were wonderful hosts so that the mix of accommodation, scenery and you is hard to beat!

We have Mungumby Lodge on our 'bucket list' to return.

Best wishes for the future

Steve & Dorothy Baggott
Blackwood, Adelaide, Australia
Posted by Moto on
I have my first enjoyable time here - Thank You!

Moto from Japan
Posted by Rene Lechner on
A beautiful place. We really enjoyed our stay here, also the excellent kitchen.

Rene & Uschi Lechner
Posted by Thomas Baechtold | Wild Earth Expeditions on
Hi Isabella & Hamish,

Just a really quick thank you for a wonderful stay at your lovely resort. Our guests had a great time and loved it (so did I)

I just wanted to personally thank you for taking care of our group and for making sure all went smooth.

I look forward to coming back in a couple years when we will repeat the trip. Our Minke whale and Far North Queensland wildlife & cultural expedition was a big success. I literally just got back home after almost 3 weeks.

Had amazing encounters and it’s just such a varied great trip… from kangaroos, wallabies, platypus, Tree Kangaroos, possums, sugar gliders to crocodiles, pythons, an incredible variety of birds, great aboriginal walks and finally the week on the Barrier reef doing great dives and swimming with the Minkes up close and personal… was really great.
just wanted to thank you and tell you that I look forward to coming back. As mentioned, next time I plan on incorporating Laura, so we may stay 2 nights, which would be great.

Have a great remainder of 2015 and I wish you both much success and happiness and of course good health. Keep up the great work.

Best regards

Thomas Baechtold

Founder / Director
Wild Earth Expeditions
Posted by Roger & Sandra on
What an astonishing and friendly environment - the same goes for the manager and staff.

Roger & Sandra | VIC
Posted by Matt Francey on
July 2015

Thank you Hamish we had a great time. We love the cabins and we LOVE the food, there beautiful walks and its a beautiful place, look forward to coming back.

Matt, Maggie, Maya and Bryn Francey | VIC
Posted by Giovanna & Luca D'Amore on
On our honeymoon, we couldn't miss such a place....The nature, the colours, animals, noises, the stars at night, a creek walk in the night and above all the staff...they make our stay here so perfect.

Thanks so much for your kindness and energy.

See you again (its a promise)

Giovanna & Luca D'Amore | Roma, Italy
Posted by Caroline White on
17th July 2015

We had the most fantastic full week here. Fishing with Tom, croc spotting, waterfall walks, rock art trips, Cooktown museum - ALL amazing!

Thanks to Hamish and all the friendly staff. Highlight was the night bush walk & never to forget the BBQ Fish by the camp fire.

See you again !

Caroline, Jonathan, Ella & Angus White
Posted by Pieter Molenaar on
28th July 2015

Thanks for the wonderful time. The place is fantastic, lodge is very nice, food delicious. Also compliments for the decorations (finishing touch) we really enjoyed it very much and hope to come back again. We will certainly recommend to our friends!

Pieter & Evelyne | Chinrooi - Belgium.
Posted by Glenda Rudkin on
5th October 2015

A wonderful spot and wonderful stay. The exploration walks were second to none, thanks for the pink markers keeping us on track.

What was great...?

* Food service
* Natural environment
* Personal approach
* High class service and Maddy the Dog

Glenda Rudkin | Adelaide
Posted by Dianne & Ross on
Nov 2nd - 5th 2015

A wonderful restful stay in idyllic setting with very friendly helpful host and staff. A special memory for us. Thank you.

Dianne & Ross
Barrossa Valley
Posted by Olivia Baeziger on
3rd Dec 2015

A truly phenomenal place ! Thank you for your wisdom and hospitality. I can only wish you the best for the future!

Olivia Baeziger | Melbourne.
Posted by Hume Family on
14th Dec 2015

Thank you for having us stay the second time. Thank you for minding Chalky when we were at the Lions Den

We love it here!

The Hume Family | Cairns, QLD
Posted by Brabara Drumontids on
22nd Dec 2015

We love your corner of Queensland and your welcome was as warm as the tropical rain Isabella.

Barbara Drumontids
Posted by Family Booth on
23rd Dec 2015

Thank you Isabella for talking us on the walk with the Mellomy and feeding us breaky. It's a phenomenal place with all the wildlife. All the best for the future!

kind regards, Mia Booth

Thank you for taking us on that walk and I really enjoyed you dog Maddy. We also pealed mango's and ate them, your pool was very warm.

Luca Booth

Thank you for a much appreciated "save" we loved staying here, eating the falling Mango's and soaking in the nature.

Have a wonderful and maybe wet Christmas!

The Booth Family
Posted by John Fotiadis on
4th Jan 2016

What a wonderful place to relax and find adventure. It's great to have a host so dedicated to providing guests a base to explore the natural beauty of Far North Queensland.

John Fotiadis | Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW.
Posted by Michael Jones on
7th June 2016

Thankyou Hamish and your team. We appreciate your multiple skills and perfect hospitality. A privilage to share this paradise.

Michael, Jillian & Ben Jones
Posted by Barry, Liz & Alexei Clarke on
Thanks Hamish & Team.

Wonderful venue. We were lucky to have you and the place to ourselves. Lovely food last night & your company.

Barry, Liz, Alexei Clarke
Christchurch, NZ
Posted by Roger & Heather on
A beautiful place o stay, thankyou, we have enjoyed your hospitality and great food.

Roger & Heather
Posted by Andrew & Kara Wozniak on
Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Isabella & Hamish, your hospitality, compassion and knowledge were greatly appreciated! The room was perfect and the food delicious! Maedi was an excellent hiking guide and of course we loved the Bennett's Tree Kangaroo!!

Thank you so much

Andrew & Kara Wozniak
Posted by Lisa & Simon Boyle on
10th July 2016
Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality. This place is so magical, you can feel the energy from the forest and the pristine gardens. Everything is truely wonderful, we felt completely at home and you made us feel so welcome. Saana & Jani are excptional people and staff members. We will absolutley be back.

Thanks for making Wylie feel at home as well. We will miss this amazing place!

Lisa & Simon Boyles | Hopevale
Colin & Debbie Boyles | Noosa
Posted by Hijsmans Family on
Thank You for your hospitality, we had a great time!
This Lodge is a beautiful place and we had it all to ourselves. A wonderful accommodation, great breakfast and food, one of our best stays in Australia.

I had a really good time and I learned a lot about the rainforest. It is too bad that it rained all the time but at least now I know why it's called the Rainforest.

I had a lovely time here! It is a beautiful Lodge and environment. I loved it and learned lots of new things about nature!

I learned a lot from Hamish, thanks!

Mar, Ingrid, Kim, Fleur and Luuk Huijsmans | Portugal
Posted by Flor and Sara Stoeger on
August 2016

Thank You for sharing this wonderful place with us. We enjoyed it very much and hopefully we will return one day.

Kisses to Sally and her babies.

PS. The food and the wine were delicious!

Egon, Elisabeth, Matthias, Georg, Hannah, Flora and Mara Stoeger
Posted by Leon and Juntina on
30 July 2016

First of all Thank You for the very warm welcome and hospitality during our stay. The food is great and the place feels like paradise. The hard winds made our stay even more spectacular. Too bad it spoled our first day here, but Isabella gave really good advise on how to spent the day.

Thanks for a great time.

Leon and Juntina | Netherlands
Posted by Bruce & Pam Buchanan on
(No idea of the date as we have been on the road)

You have a little bit of Paradise here. We are so glad we happened upon you because Cooktown was fully booked.

Bruce and Pam | Brisbane
Posted by Les & Rosemary Willis on
Thanks for a wonderful few days. You have a charming spot in Far North Queensland, thanks for sharing your time and knowledge.

Les & Rosemary Willis
Christchurch | New Zealand
Posted by Allison & Ivan on

It is so nice being so close to nature, a thing we appreciate so much being farmers & in tune with the land. The staff are so friendly and wishing to please, all should take a bow.

Sincerely, Allison & Ivan
Akaroa | Banks Penisula | New Zealand
Posted by Bugeia Noel & Pamela Finger on

Loved the creek, nice snake and insects and lizards.

Thanks for making us so welcome - will send couple of photos.

Pamela & Noel | Canberra | Australia
Posted by Rogers Family on

After visiting Sydney & catching up with an old friend Uluru (ayers Rock) for three days and then picking up a hire car from Cairns - We stayed at the Atherton Tablelands in a rainforest lodge and drove north to Mungumby. After settling into our lodge on the first night we walked up river not quite up to the falls - The prospect of dinner enfired us back. Today Cooktown - impressed with the museum and the amazing repair job by Capt Cooks Crew. Drove down to the waterfall at Bloomfield then popped into the Lions Den Before returning to Mungumby.

Fantastic landscapes and great bird watching opportunities all day.

//Once we had arrived we had a splendid meal with a fantastic host. The next day we were free to explore the area. A splendid visit!

Liz, Howard and David Rogers | UK
Posted by Simon and Liz Brown on
17-19 Aug 2016

A beautiful place, and what a wonderful place to stay! All the good things, when one gives life a moment's though - comfort, interest, knowledge (of Hamish and his crew) and perfect foor and wine. This is so much better than the bland, some times fancy pancy, hotels which offer an experience of Northern Queensland but don't deliver like this.

p.s the walk from the Botanic Gardens to Cherry Bay, then to Grassy Hill and back and the Cook Museum - then on the way back a glowy walk at Archer Point. Perfect.

Thank you for such a great stay - we will tell our agent at Audley!!
Posted by Omar Costa on
20-21 Aug 2016

What a wonderful, welcoming and wild place to stay. We really enjoyed the visit and thanks all the Lodge's staff for making us feel at home. Hope to come back in the future.

Family Costa | Poland/Italy
Posted by Anni & Charles on
28 Sep. 2016

We enjoyed the experience of spending a few days in a tranquil environment created by Isabella and Hamish, especially the night walk through the rainforest and along the river. Absolutely Sublime!!!

Saana & Jani were a beautiful couple, so friendly, and thank you Jani for the amazing food!

We will never forget out stay here and Hope to be back on our next trip to the top end.

Many Thanks!

Anni & Charles | VIC, Australia
Posted by Bruce Family on
30th Sept 2016
Arlo | Mungumby Lodge was an amazing experience. I loved being in the middle of all this wildlife...wish I could stay longer!
Felix | Loved your pool and your tank!
Justine & hamish | Thank you for the fantastic hospitality and for fulfilling and itme on Hamish Bruces bucket list - finding an abandoned tank in the jungle!!!! We love the birds and the bugs and FOOD. Do not go changing Mungumby Lodge.

Justine, Hamish, Arlo & Felix Bruce
Staveley, Ashburton, New Zealand
Posted by Phil & Judith Dobson on
6th July 2016

A wonderful place to stay, in a beautiful setting with great hospitality. A very nice meal last night.

Philip & Judith Dobson
Perguir, Tasmania
Posted by Lesley Hllebuyck on
5th October 2016

What a beautiful place where we could fully relax!!! Thank you for a lovely stay, for the best tips & tricks for the beautiful surroundings. Moreover we really enjoyed the delicious food at the lodge. Thank you for the beautiful memories during our honeymoon, we hope to come back one day :-)
With love
Lesley & Win
Antwerp, Belgium
Posted by Daena Butler on
9th October 2016
Thank you for your generous hospitality and superb cooking in this relaxed and friendly setting in the forest. It will be hard to forget the beautiful and constant bird song and the night sounds. Especially hard to forget will be the red legged birds and their expertise in turning over the leaf litter in the gardens. Thanks for all your advice and planning that has made my stay so much more enjoyable.
All the best
Daena Butler
Posted by Deb & Dermot Griffin on
12th October 2016

Thank you so much for providing such wonderful hospitality for our couple of nights here. A true mine of information so willing to share and give advice that meant we truely appreciated where we were. Obviously people of many talents with a wonderful dinner here also. It is one thing to belong to a magical place, another to share it, so a thousand blessings be upon you all!!!

Dermot, Deb, Siobhan, Sinead & Shea Griffin
Inverloch, Victoria

PS: Fantastic service and amazing place! Very happy and grateful to be able to come here. Thanks to the team!
Wonderful place = 5 stars
To be here = 5 stars
Sinead Griffin
Posted by Brad & Kel on
Amazing Place!

Top hosts and cook, the best steak in FNQ, brilliant atmosphere, secluded & peaceful. We will be back!

Brad & Kelly Ranken
Trinity Beach, Cairns
Posted by Ramona und Andreas Weinert on
Hallo Hamish,
wir haben viel gesehen auf unserer Reise durch Australien, aber was die Reise unvergesslich macht war der Aufendhalt in Ihrer Lodge. Vielen Dank für dir Gastfreundschaft und das wundervolle Dinner.
Viele liebe Grüße aus Germany Ramona und Andreas
Oktober 2016
Posted by Steve Tysoe on

Thanks for your email and the amazing time I had at your beautiful Lodge.

I did thoroughly enjoy my time at Mungumby and found it a stunning spot to simply unwind and enjoy nature.

You, as hosts were extremely attentive informative and very kind.

I hope I can return one day


Steve Tysoe
Posted by hamish on
25th March 2017

It would be easy to say that what Hamish & Isabella have created here is unique, but that would hardly do it justice. What has struck us, apart from the warmth of hospitality, the excellent food, the tranquility, was that additional element: that evrything has been thought about, considerate and put in place with sensitivity. That's a rare quality a one which sets apart the good from the excellent.

Thanks You

Anne & Patrick, Elsfield, Oxon
Posted by hamish on
Hello Hamish & Isabella,

We were very happy with the conference & the venue Mungumby Lodge worked well for us.

We appreciated the practical flexibility that you were able to offer & the excellent service.

Will definitely recommend you to others & give you a positive write-up in our conference report which features in the state-wide EHA e-newsletter.

Thanks again for making it such a success & good luck with everything going forward.


Geoff Wilson
Program Manager
Posted by hamish on
4th May 2017

Thank you for a fantastic Helenvale expeirence. We thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality and meeting the locals.

My family history is much enriched.

Cecil & Lester Grace
Newcastle NSW
Posted by hamish on
27th May 2017

What a wonderfull place, nearly paradise! Thanks and congratulations to the team! Great hosts, excellent food in such a dreamland.

What a privilege to be here!

Peter & Roswither
Posted by hamish on

Wonderful location, easy walk to the falls. delicious food, wonderful hosts = Mungumby Lodge

Thank you, we will be back!

Simone, Imre & Sean
Posted by hamish on

What a fantasitc Wildlife Resort! We spent 2 days here with our 3 sons. The owners are superb hosts who made our stay unforgetable.

Haren & Dilip Khatau
Infinity Resorts India
Posted by hamish on

Thank You, this is paradise, we have enjoyed ourselves and the lovely meal.

Tess, Mike & Agnes
Brisbane & Mackay
Posted by hamish on
22nd July 2017

Thank you for being a part of our honeymoon adventure!

You have a true gem here and we feel so blessed to have been able to visit!

Paula & Chris
Pittsburg, PA, USA
Posted by hamish on
1st July 2017

To the Mungumby Team,

Thank you so much for sharing your rainforest paradise with us! It was lovely to disconnect for awhile and enjoy what you have created here.

Jonathan, Fiona, Callum & Andy
Canberra, ACT, Australia
Posted by hamish on
1st July 2017

It is so different to go to sleep only being able to hear the soft chirpping of crickets, instead of city traffic like we do back at home! It's been really nice with excellent food and wildlife.

Thank you for your hospitality. See you next time!

Grant, Sally, Rebecca, Adian & Sophie
Melbourne, Australia
Posted by hamish on
4th July 2017

Thank you for creating this beautiful haven, beautiful in rain and sun, an we had some rain! Thank you for giving so much of your time to share stories and knowledge of Australia and locality. Food was amazing - if Marc were here with us he would have been as happy as we have been.

Thank you

Kostuch-Bush Family, England
Posted by hamish on
10th July 2017

Hamish & Isabella,

Thank you! We've had such a wonderful 3 days at Mungumby. You are brilliant hosts, the food is terrific, and the tranquility unforgetable.

Hope it's not the last time our paths cross.

Lawrence & Victoria
Sydney, Australia
Posted by hamish on
26th July 2017

We really enjoyed our stay at Mungumby Lodge. Thank you the Mungumby Team for your hospitality and friendliness! If we ever come back to Australia, we surely will be back here!!!!

Claude, Franciose, Aline and Natasha
Geneva Switzerland
Posted by hamish on
11th August 2017

Hamish & Isabella, thank-you for sharing this place with us. Waking up in the morning to the symphony of the rainforest sounds, refreshes the soul. You are both such warm people and you welcomed us in this way. Thank you for sharing some of your incredible knowledge with us; and of course the delicious food! This place is a big ticket item for our friends down south, and for us both to return one day! Thank you also on behalf of "SPOCK". Keep on loving and enjoying this beautiful place.

Lyal & Pat
Toowoon Bay, NSW.
Posted by hamish on
26th July 2017

We stayed here at this wonderful place for two days! The dinner was very delicious! We really enjoyed it very much and hopefully we can come back one day!

You are doing a great job!

Reggie B, Sarina and Milena
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