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Welcome to our Travel Trade section.

Below we have inserted some interactive pdf brochures developed by our marketing agent Pacific Downunder. These files hold vital information for the travel trade. All nett rates within are subject to contractual agreements with our travel trade partners. Outside of these agreements in all cases retail rates apply. The files are interactive so one can navigate through the documents with a mouse or by using the inserted bookmarks.

Please use our contact form to send us mail as we have not included email addresses here to avoid SPAM. Alternatively for Hamish insert my first name only then @ our domain. Reservations relax then @ our domain. Alternatively our contact number at the lodge is = +61 7 4060 3158

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Some Key contacts:-

  • Administration, Employment, Operations and Finance - Hamish Haslop
  • Reservations, Groups, Accounts payable - Isabella Haslop
  • Marketing, Brochures & Website - Pacific Downunder

Australian Pacific Lodges, 388 Mungumby Road, Black Mountain, Cooktown, QLD, 4895 T:+61 7 4060 3158 F: +61 7 4060 3159 ABN 25095613040.

Pacific Downunder, PO Box 35, Palm Cove, QLD, 4879 T:+61 7 4060 3158 F: +61 7 4060 3159 ABN 25095613040.

Self Drive Package itineraries:-

Mungumby Lodge self drive in a conventional vehicle on sealed roads ex Cairns, Port Douglas or Mossman, Daintree. These include the James Cook Museum in Cooktown also the Cooktown Botanic gardens & Tanner Gallery at Natures Power house (being renovated open again May 16) as well as a Aboriginal Guided tour out at Laura. The Aboriginal guided tour operates from the Quinkan Centre and is a 1 hour 4x4 drive each way in the Quinkan Centre 4x4 then a 1 hour guided interpretation of some of the most stunning rock art available.

Mungumby Quinkan Dreaming - Aboriginal Guided 2016.pdf

Some key product descriptions:-

SUGGESTED BROCHURE COPY.doc (click file name to download)

Contract Rate Manuals valid 1.04.2017 thru 31.03.2019:-

  • Wholesale rate manual -  Please contact Pacific Downunder for 2017-18-19 rates.
  • Inbound Rate Manual-  Please contact Pacific Downunder for 2017-18-19 rates.
  • Pacific Downunder click here

Trade Newsletters and sales staff training:-

  1. Australian Tourism Exchange update ATE_Sales_pack_2014_print.pdf
  2. Cooktown Interactive Guide Cooktown Interactive Guide.pdf
  3. New 2016 video above or CLICK HERE


Dear Isabella,

I want to take the opportunity to congratulate the Mungumby team on your very good performance this current (and still going) season. We just received the results from one agency in Germany who questioned their guests on rooms, meals, and service, atmosphere of the hotel/lodge and its surrounding and cleanliness of all hotels on our 15 and 19 days tour. Mungumby Lodge received top scores, the guest expectations have not only been met but excelled. I thought I have to pass on this very outstanding result not only to motivate your team but also to say a big thank you for the past few years we’ve been working together.

Kind regards
Isabel Bauer
Operations Manager
Waratah Adventure Tours P/L

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